German 'Easy Rider'

easy rider bikes.jpg

German Easy Rider

On the ship cabin TV with Rhine River black outside closed drapes

Film scenes shine like color pages of LIFE magazine hippie spreads

From 1969 scribes following the tie-dyed trail and grassy scent

To communes like the desert crib that Peter Fonda studies as

Closely as a Margaret Mead-anthropologist, but in his back yard

Not the South Seas, the natives this time with blonde hair, and

He’s very interested in the sex part of the cave arrangement—

His hopped-up Hopper sideman leering and lapping it up,

Twirling in Davy Crockett buckskins, fringe doing a little shake

For the women of the house. We don’t see Jack N. in this bit,

Being featured tonight I guess as a link to Fonda’s recent death,

Fifty years to the movie’s summer and the moon-men landing,

Just in time for Woodstock tales (the anniversary concert’s

Plug pulled last minute), same theme now hot in the City Museum

Of Amsterdam, a media piece bragging on the loose-life vibe

Peaking when San Francisco and Amsterdam were twin capitals

Of the Freak World, the Netherlands famously drawing the famous

Two Virgins for a Hilton Hotel bed-in advert for peace, same Fonda

Who told John (you know him) at an L.A. party that he, Peter, knew

What it was like to be dead, which we later heard about on Revolver,

That house party some years before Joan Didion wrote that the

American Center was not holding, although she may have been

Melodramatic given what we know 50 years later—that the music

Really had a hold on us and hasn’t let go, the music beat time and

Has been the glue, witness Zap Records in downtown A-dam

With its fat bin of Beatles vinyl, first on the left when you enter,

A fact to like in the German night cruising the Rhine towards

Dusseldorf and watching Easy Rider dubbed and without

English subtitles, which doesn’t matter—just look at the picture,

Wait for the sticky music and bloody end, no translation needed—

No director’s-cut resurrection for Wyatt and Billy in the re-run.