Reading at Lowell Festival 1981

Reading at Lowell Festival 1981

9/2/16, Waterways Vitality Project
By Prudence Brighton, The Sun 

New Review of Mill Power—From the Lowell Historical Society Winter Newsletter March 2016 - FROM THE BOOKSHELF by Pauline M. Golec

11/5/14 - Mill Power Fuels Narrative - Book by UMass Lowell’s Marion is Labor of Love - By Sheila Eppolito
Lowell’s reinvention is a love story — full of loyalty, commitment, pain and passion.   Sharing Lowell’s tale takes a special person — someone whose heart, mind and purpose are intricately enmeshed in the city.    That person is Paul Marion. - Full story

Paul Marion on CSPAN

Paul Marion on CSPAN

Author and Lowellian Paul Marion chronicles spirit, soul of his city
From the Lowell Sun 10/10/14

LOWELL -- Paul Marion takes pride in being a fifth-generation Lowellian and a "witness observer to the city's comeback." .... In his new book, Mill Power: The Origin and Impact of Lowell National Historical Park, Marion traces...the history - Read entire article and view video

Mill Power
The Origin and Impact of Lowell National Historical Park
By Paul Marion - Learn More

Kiwanis to honor Marion with Spirit award

Paul Marion (video reading)
“Dylan Sings to Kerouac”

On Kerouac:

Never Missing a Beat (UMass Lowell)
On Bob Dylan:
Fans cheer as Dylan heads back to the Mill City (Lowell Sun)

Paul Marion featured in Yankee Magazine.
Story: Poet Paul Marion
Poetry, community outreach, and a great love for his city

Video: Lowell Mass.: Paul Marion sees Lowell, Massachusetts, through the eyes of a preservationist and poet. Here are some of his favorite spaces in the historic mill town northwest of Boston that he views as a work in progress

Four Poems by Paul Marion

Lowell, Mass. When you go

A Writer's Journey by David Perry The Lowell Sun LOWELL -- The first time Paul Marion tried to invade the pages of Yankee Magazine, it took 16 years. More...