'St. Lucia Landing' (excerpt 3)

St. Lucia Landing (excerpt 3)


Flower Man

Hurt Not the Trees

Environment Man

Father Earth

55-year-old Cyril Cherry

In blooming hat says,

"I can spend twenty minutes

Admiring a tree. Like a man

Looks at a woman, so

I look upon trees.

As long as it is a tree,

I am in love with it."



"People cut trees because

They have no more love

In their hearts. If you love,

You protect, and the more

You love, the more you

Want to protect. Trees enrich

The soil and help keep the

Water in it, which makes streams,

Rivers, and falls. Plant trees

For good health. I'm happy to

Wake up and sell trees."



Man Job,

The Rastafarian,

Tells us the land is us,

We come from the soil,

Everything in the universe

Is part of us, and

Food is basic, he says,

If you live right,

You won't fall sick.

If you are born healthy,

And you don't eat rubbish

And you live naturally,

You will live a long life.



Jamaican ackee, orange, grapefruit, okra,

Sweetsop, cashew, golden apple, lettuce,

Taiwanese plum, soya, melon, cucumber,

Sweet pepper, cabbage, broccoli, corn,

Mung beans, cauliflower, tomato---

At Roots Farm, Mabouya Valley.