Beware of common sense

     Sun & moon look the same size

Galileo said Earth circles the sun

     Described wine as air bound by light

Aristotle saw heavenly bodies as perfect

     Earth as imperfect, at rest

Nature is inexorable and mutable


Poet Saimonedes tells Hiero

     Don’t be selfish, do for the people and city

You will be praised and honored and loved

     We are informed in On Tyranny


You must submit to vulgarity

     Or cease to be the First Minister

Lady Glencora told Plantagenet Palliser

     Try to co-exist with the hornets


Our business is with life, not death,

     The challenge is to give what account

We can of what becomes of life

     In the solar system, this corner of the Universe

That is our home, and, most of all,

     What becomes of us, George Wald wrote