'St. Lucia Landing' (excerpt 5)

St. Lucia Landing (excerpt 5)


BBC follows me south

and the network

plugs Billy Bragg

and Wilco doing

Woody Guthrie

archive songs —

Heard them first

two summers ago

on the Beeb radio

in Westminster, London,

Stakis St. Ermin

hotel suite across from

New Scotland Yard —

now I surf to a

documentary on

the record they made


First cruise ship today

slips past the point:

blue-bordered sheet

of white notepaper

being tucked into a

forest-green envelope



No doubt why

the lawn man’s

eyes sparkle as he

hurries to load the

day’s tools aboard

his pick-up for a

bouncy ride over

the hill, where his

wife watches for him


Big blown plume

of cumulus like massive

exhaust from the back

of a formula race car

blasting off the line

at Azure Straight-away


Mourning dove

goes woo . . . woo . . .

in a bamboo flute like

Lowell mourning doves,

old Highland Street,

not high as the highland here —

our Highland in the South End,

the Flats (for tenement tops),

near Meeting House Hill —

this is Hibiscus Lane


I track their steps

from hillside balcony,

the best 2/3rds of

my family pie chart,

the wife, the son,

walking beach-ward,

small as bronze ants

on this lounge chair

mid morning heat